Date: Nov 1, 2023

The list of the top 2% highly-cited Iranian researchers in the field of civil engineering, based on Elsevier report in 2023

In October 2023, the distinguished Elsevier Institute released its list of the top 2% most highly-cited authors worldwide for the year 2022, utilizing standardized citation metrics. To create this list, a database of the top 2% highly-cited researchers across all scientific disciplines was assembled, employing a composite index based on six criteria, derived from Scopus data.
The 2022 list, which was published in 2023, features researchers primarily engaged in civil engineering, arranged according to their earned points. In total, 30 Iranian researchers have earned positions on this list, with the universities of Science and technology, Semnan, and Ferdowsi Mashhad each contributing three representatives. I hold the 24th position among these 30 accomplished researchers.